Substance Abuse Recovery

The BETTER DAYS AHEAD’s Live-In Programs are structured programs for Dependents and Codependent families. The Programs are characterized as holistic and stresses the importance of each family member's role in creating functional families. It entails five phases:

  • Pre-treatment - crucial stage that focuses on the family members as codependents - by learning all the facts of the disease and exploring how and to what extent it has affected them.
  • Detoxification - It is important to biologically detoxify the chemical or alcohol from the dependent prior to proceeding with the other phases of the program.
  • Intensive treatment - where his/her growth as a person in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of his/her life will be dealt with.
  • Follow Through - aims at preparing the dependent and family members to recognize the warning signs of relapse and to work at effective ways of prevention.
  • Aftercare / Continuing Care (Relapse Prevention) - stresses the importance of participation in an Aftercare program to maintain recovery and focuses on the belief that recovery is a lifelong process.